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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spooky Rings

Spooky Rings

Spooky Rings

I started making these little Halloween Rings for my kids about 15 years ago and they have always been a big hit with both the boys and the girls.  The picture above shows a few different options, but the possibilities are endless.  You could change out the Halloween symbols for a Christmas Tree and a Candy Cane at Christmas, or eggs and bunnies for Easter.  Super simple and super cheap, you can make a wide assortment of designs in a very short time!

Required Materials
Felt Fabric scraps (a 1" - 1 1/2" square piece is big enough for any single design)
1/4" wide elastic (you can substitute a child's pony tail holder)
permanent marker

Start with a 1" - 1 1/2" scrap of felt, it is much easier to cut the tiny shapes from a small piece than it is from a big one!  Cut out a rough ghost-like shape (or whatever design you choose).

Draw in any desired details with a permanent marker.  Use a dabbing motion with the pen, and be prepared, it will bleed through!
Draw in Details

Cut elastic to fit finger - NOT too tight!

Sew elastic into a circle

Attach Ghost

Now make a small circle of elastic to fit the child's finger.  NOT Tightly, just a loose fit, you don't want to be cutting off circulation!  You can use a child's pony tail holder instead if you happen to have one.  Sew the elastic into a circle, and then take a couple of stitches through the ghost (or whatever) and back down through the elastic to secure it.  Tie off and trim the string and you are done!

Finished Ring on Happy Kid!

 I don't have any patterns for the designs.  I free hand cut each one so I have never used a pattern.  Any simple shape will work.  If you are having the kids cut them out, you might want to give them an outline to follow, but tiny designs may be too difficult for small children.  You could do larger ones sewn to larger circles of elastic (or recycled rib-knit from a shirt sleeve) to make bracelets as well for younger children.

******* These Rings could be a choking hazard to very young children - use caution and some common sense please! ******

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  1. I love it, I love it, I want more of it - these little rings are ADORABLE! Go, Mother, GO!